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Somewhere over the rainbow: Why we need a brain, a heart and courage.

Somewhere over the rainbow: Why we need a brain, a heart, and courage.

One of my favorite movies of all time is “The Wizard of Oz”.  It is a schismatic movie as people tend to either love or despise it; it is rated as one of the scariest movies of all time - due to the witch and her flying monkeys. But some children, like myself, just loved being scared! I use to repeatedly watch “Jurassic Park” because I loved the thrill it gave me, especially the scene when the brother and sister are trapped in the kitchen with the dinosaurs!  During my birthday party/sleepovers, I use to always get a scary film for us to watch. I remember “The Haunting” in primary 7 and “The Others” in the first form - in that big scary house of mine, we all found it terrifying. Then telling ghost stories in the turret. My house was haunted, built by one of the shipyard owners,  he built a turret, so he could see over to the shipyards, his ghost was meant to haunt it. I love Titanic also because it reminds me of that house. Unfortunately, my parents divorced and I don’t live there anymore.

I was a good singer when I was a child, but then I got stage fright and my voice broke.  Sometimes when I am drunk, I can still sing, but I seem to have forgotten how to when sober. So, very recently I began singing lessons. I discovered I roughly have a 3 and a half octave vocal range ranging from F2 to C6 - I am lucky I have a falsetto, that enables me to hit those high notes, but I have absolutely no idea how to control them! Sort of the way my Irish dancing can be at times, a bit all over the place!  Anyway one of my favorite songs is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and I was learning how to sing it, and that is what made of think again about “The Wizard of Oz”.

You don’t realize when you are a child, just how clever some movies/books are. The film/book has a number of hidden allegorical messages.  In this, I am going to discuss the significance of the 3 characters Dorothy bumps into on the yellow brick road: scarecrow, tinman, and lion. Or more specifically, what they are missing: A brain,  a heart, and courage.

The Scarecrow: A brain

Why do we need a brain? To have intellect; to think. Everyone who has a brain thinks, and the more intelligent you are, the more you think. That is why the higher IQ you have the more likely you are to suffer from mental health issues because their brain is working so fast it goes into overdrive. You get anxiety from overthinking things or depression because you find it hard to not think about the past, and the stronger your memory the harder it is to do this. To get over depression you have to takes advice from Timon and Pumba, and put your past behind you so: you have no worries for the rest of your days.

Tin Man -a heart
Why do we need a heart? Well, some people don’t have one, they are psychos. Well, they do have a heart physically, but they don’t have a conscious. The heart thus represents your conscious; your sense of morality and ethics. Your brain might be telling you something is good for your survival for example using slaves could benefit you financially.  But your heart tells you no, you can’t do this as you would feel guilt if you did because you know it is unethical.

Why do we know something is unethical or immoral? Because we use our intuition, know we wouldn’t want it done to ourselves; if I hit you I know it would be sore, so I know it would be wrong. Thus, I am an intuitionist and that’s why I believe there is no need for organized religion. And that is how the debate came about between, Amy-Mae Dolan, Kelsey Finglas, Conor Simpson and I. Amy-Mae and Kelsey kept on asking me questions on why I was agnostic, and I explained how most of the ten commandments are self-explanatory through intuition apart from a couple of them. Amy-Mae and Kelsey are very Catholic and didn’t seem to like this so they pursued to catechize me. Then I explained about committing adultery and how this includes masturbation, which is perfectly natural and harmless but is a sin according to the catechism. I got in trouble due to this, one of them told their parents on me. Isn’t it ironic how parents allow their children to watch “Gossip Girl” and “Geordie Shore” but are not allowed to be involved in an intellectual discussion?


Why do we need courage? There are many reasons, but here are two of them.

Firstly: you may well have a beautiful voice, but what is the point in having a beautiful voice unless you have the courage to show someone. Hence the quote “Genius is talent set fire by courage.” You may well be able to sing like Whitney, but no one is going to believe you unless you have the courage to show them. You may well call this self-confidence, but courage and self-confidence are inextricably linked - leaders need to be confident. A little bit of narcissism isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Secondly: If no one was courageous nobody would be able to stand up to any wrong doings in the world. Yes, people may observe something being done and do nothing about it, because they lack courage. Just like the mean girl's quote:
That’s what Jesus did, as part of Jesus’ mission was to stand up against the wrongdoings of the Jews. Judaism had become very corrupt and Jesus wanted to show that the Kingdom of God was not a subversive sect and by using such parables as the Good Samaritan he demonstrated this. Yes, I listened to Miss Tierney in my Luke's Gospel class. 102/105 I think was my raw mark in that paper. I liked her because she was pretty and sarcastic, just like myself! :)

Yes you may be very intelligent and yes you may have a high sense of morality, but what is the point in having this combination if you do not use them! If you don’t have the courage to do something about the unethical acts you see, what is the point? Are you really a good person, just because you are aware something is bad?  Actions speak louder than words. Practice what you preach. The combination of having a heart and courage is “Moral Courage”. Using your brain as Whitney and Mariah sing: you may be aware there is much to fear, but due to moral courage, you are not afraid.

I don’t know what I think in regards to spirituality and religion. For a while I was a hardcore atheist, what a rebel I was in Catholic Grammar school, receiving a lot of dirty looks from teachers for not receiving my communion! I used the argument of the problem of evil as my main reason against it: If God is both all-powerful and all-loving then how come there are children with Cancer? Now I am not entirely sure what I think, there have been strange things happening in my life recently that have made me question my atheism. I’d say now I am more agnostic.

The saying is true: the route of all evil is money. I can understand perfectly well why some people are communists. I am not however, I am closer to being a libertarian. I explain in this blog post why I like capitalism:  Because it is not money itself that is evil, you can do good things with money. Linking back to the Good Samaritan in order for the Samaritan to pay for the hotel and its costs etc, the Samaritan would've needed a significant amount of extra money to be able to do so.

However on the other hand what money can do, or more specifically the love of money can do is corrupt. Everyone loves money in differing amounts, some of us are more high maintenance than others (let’s not lie, I am one of those high maintenance people, maybe not as high maintenance as Mariah Carey but pretty damn close). But when you love money more than you love humanity, that is when corruption happens.


To notice the corruption you ….need a brain
To feel that it is wrong, you   ….  need a heart
To stand up against it …. you need courage.

Dorothy dreams of a place somewhere over the rainbow where troubles melt like lemon drops, but over the rainbow is in your backyard because if we all use our brain, heart, and courage, there would be no troubles and we would be over the rainbow.

P.S. Please Check out Kiera Weathers new single, she was on the X factor but went out early. But I think she’s a star. She's signed to a small record label but her new track, a cover of Des’ree's “You gotta be” is steadily rising.

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