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A modern day liberal: someone who is only liberal to other liberals. My recollection of when I was selected to represent Northern Ireland on an EU funded seminar on Migration.

A modern day liberal: someone who is only liberal to other liberals.

My recollection of when I was selected to represent Northern Ireland on an EU funded seminar on Migration.

It has been just over a year since I was chosen to represent Northern Ireland on an EU sponsored seminar in Germany on Migration.  A friend of mine who had been reading my blog suggested that I apply seeing that I had a great interest in politics.

Migration is in my family's history - my Granda Tan migrated from Malaysia originally to a boarding school in England then to “Friends” in Lisburn and proceeded to  study Medicine at Queens. My Granny a protestant working class girl fell for him. My (still alive) great-granny was not too impressed and she was swiftly sent away to America to live with her dad, however my Grandad sent her engagement ring in the post and she saved enough money to get home. My ganda had a family here until he passed away last year. My mum (Susie Tan) was the first mixed race Miss Northern Ireland.

Until recently Belfast and Northern Ireland were not very culturally diverse. I was called a “cheenky” in school even though I was only ¼ Chinese and out of the 200 pupils in my year in Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College Knock  only 5 of us were not pure caucasian. Although migration is rooted in my family's history,  I am still understanding of where the hostility is coming from.

The seminar occurred over 11 days in Germany, most of it occurred in "The Gustav Stresemann Institut" which is a conference and educational center in Bad-Bevensen a small town in Germany but we also went to Hamburg for a day and spent the last three in Berlin. We arrived in the afternoon of Wednesday 5th August and that evening after dinner we first got to meet the other groups. There were four different groups of 18-25 year olds each with a leader including ourselves (Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Northern Ireland).

In the group I was quickly seen as the controversial one and was often demonized by other members. I was not afraid to challenge  members of  refugee charities as well as EU members, and was praised for doing so by the leaders but not by other group members. Numerous roughs broke out between me and other group members (in particular the Northern-Irish group) as they were mostly left-winged, pro-Eu and immigration. Whilst I am conservative, anti-EU and thinks anyone who can’t see there are problems with immigration in the UK have the IQ of a goldfish. One night following  a heavy drinking session we were arguing until 5am and a member of the Polish group recalled the next day that he thought “someone was going to die”.  The arguments mostly occurred between members of the Northern-Irish group, who labeled me as inhumane, bigoted and  fascist, and that my views were not in line with most people in our country.

But here we are a year later and guess what. Just to rub it in their faces: We are out of the EU.  And with growing Islamic terrorism being targeted at EU members - thank-god for that.  But the point is… people do think what I think. Actually I am in the majority - it is the conservatives who have the largest number of seats in parliament and the majority of people voted to leave the EU.  And logic holds therefore that  liberals and left-wingers aren't in the majority.

If you are right-winged in the slightest liberals and left-wingers will try and label you as evil. You are not, just because you support privatization does not make you inhumane - it means you are somehow economic literate. If you believe that there is a growing problem with Islamic terrorism, it does not mean that you are Islamophobic, it means you have smelt the coffee - the liberals unable to do so because they too busy getting high and making daisy-chains.

Liberal according to the oxford dictionary is defined as  “ Willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas”. But unfortunately the only behavior or opinions that a modern day liberal will respect or accept is that of their own. Us conservatives are not the fascist bigots - that is a title that would suit the modern day liberal more adequately.

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