Friday, 1 July 2016

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  1. I think it is brave to admit when you need help Adam and obviously your counselling has helped you. Easier said than done I'm sure but Do not dwell on those comments from negative people and do not dwell on issues from your past. You obviously have a lot going for you and I hope that one day not too long in the futyre you can put behind you things that made you so unhappy and see your life for what it is. You have friends and family around you, a good job and prospects and hopefully taking care of yourself you will reach your full potential and a healthy frame of mind. :) I have read a number if your posts and whilst I hugely disagree with your political opinions etc, I do believe you appear to have a good heart and would like to see you continue to be more positive in your outlook. Talking about mental illness is still seen as taboo so using a platform such as this you will be able to help remove some stigma attached to seeking help. Well done you.


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