Friday, 6 May 2016

Why Waste Time?

Why Waste Time?

Recently a relative of mine passed away. Whilst spending time with my family I discovered that my 70 year uncle gets up at 5.30am to go to work at his manual job, followed by social activities in the evening and then doesn’t go to bed until 11.30pm every day of the week. When I heard this I was amazed and thought: “how does he manage that? I can barely get myself out of bed to work normal full time hours and yet I complain that I have sleeping problems! If my uncle who is 70 can manage this surely I can do the same!”

I felt inspired after hearing this and decided I wanted to start getting up earlier and being more productive. Adding to this 2 of my  biggest inspirations (Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump) both stated they slept for only 3-4 hours a night.

Put in Practice

Day 1- Wednesday
I aimed to wake up at 6am. The alarm went off and I said oh fuck it and went back to sleep! I slept in till 7.45am, only had a banana for breakfast then had to get a taxi to work (which was late!) and I ended up being 10 minutes late for work! Lying in was asinine and I didn’t feel good at all for it.

Day 2- Thursday
Again I aimed to wake up at 6am. The alarm went off and I almost did the same thing but luckily at 6.15 I eventually dragged myself out of bed. I went for a run, followed by stretching, had shower and made myself my healthy fry up (2 poached eggs, 2 organic grilled bacon, 2 slices of gluten free toast). I then walked to work  and was 10 minutes early.  

Day 3 - Friday (today)

This morning I woke up very early about 4.30 am and I decided after trying to get to get back to sleep for half an hour: “What is the point in me lying here tossing and turning?” So at 5.15am I got up and managed to be very productive. I made myself a healthy fry-up and ate it. Then made myself a big pot of Mexican spaghetti for my lunch and dinner. After that I went to the gym then made my way to work (again I was early for) and am now writing this blog post.

What I discovered.

I have suffered from sleep problems for over a decade now; often I find it difficult to get to sleep and frequently wake up throughout the night. I have realized that lying there tossing and turning thinking about the meaning of life didn’t put me in a good mood and certainly didn’t help me sleep, either in fact it was futile!

Essentially when I was lying in bed I was wasting valuable time which could have several financial impacts on myself both directly and indirectly.

Directly -  From getting up earlier not only have I been more productive, I have also saved myself about £15 - from having a packed lunch and allowing myself enough time to walk instead of having to get a taxi.

Indirectly - being earlier for work and being more alert could have an effect on whether I get fired or get a promotion. People's opinions of myself seeming lazy, disorganized or bad punctuality could affect my career prospects. Being productive puts me in a good mood which in turn makes me more productive - a positive chain reaction. Overall my life seems more auspicious.


I have decided for now on I’ll sleep when I am tired and get up when I wake up. Maybe I am similar to my uncle, Trump or Thatcher and only need a modicum of sleep. Why waste time trying to sleep when I could be up being productive which then has a multitude of beneficial effects that enhance my life and mood?


  1. I remember just a few years ago setting an alarm to be at work at seven am, and knowing my life was chained to a stove, whisking eggs until ten am (I got off at 1 pm).. and being a such a funk.
    Of course now I'm unemployed, and wake up at five with the cats, and my depression is in remission .. and feeling free as the birds
    I wonder if I were still at the restaurant, would I feel blessed?

  2. Good God what an absolutely pointless pile of shit :/ why do you think anyone would be interested to read this? Never getting those 2mins back :(


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