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Explanation, The Apology I sent to CLRG and The Response I Received.

Explanation, The Apology I sent to CLRG and The Response I received.

It has been a year since I wrote about my perception of the incidents that occurred between myself and members of the London school (Head teacher and ex-male assistant TCRG), a younger  London male teacher and various other incidents that resulted in great clamor and me being asked to leave Belfast school. My prerogative was to make my side of the story heard; it was not to cause trouble or to cause a tendentious attack on teachers, adjudicators and other members of the Irish dancing community.
At the time I felt that I had been treated unfairly by main teacher who I thought was aided by the manipulation of ex-male assistant TCRG  and other members of the school. It was more complex than this however, as I had other bad experiences previously which resulted in rumors being spread about myself that I felt could've been affecting the adjudication of myself. I believed that things were being said about myself in order to “put people of me”.

I was  left discombobulated why Belfast school asked me to leave as I hadn’t (at the time) said anything bad about them and the reasons they gave me seemed dubious to myself and others. I was left shocked and upset by female Belfast teachers behavior when she threatened me, harassed and was nasty to my mother at her workplace.

However things were not as simple as I originally thought; I discovered from other sources that there may have been an incident involving a physical fight between female Belfast teacher and main London teacher when they were in a bar some years ago. I wasn’t aware of this prior to joining the school, and if I had known this out of respect to main London teacher I would not of moved there. Even though I didn’t agree with all of main London teacher’s actions, I still respect  him and I can now understand why he was angry when I moved home to dance for that school.

However on the other hand I also respect the teachers of the Belfast school and can understand their perspective: that what had happened between the pair  was in the past and shouldn’t have affected my movement especially since they were in a different country and region. I also acknowledge it was unfair of me to write about these things publicly. Anyone can become shirty and in the heat of the moment say and do things that would be otherwise out of character, so I have forgiven the female teacher for their reaction. On top of this the London school at actually suggested I went to the Male teacher who taught at that school he had obviously either forgotten the male teacher and the female teacher with her sister had amalgamated or was bluffing and wasn’t expecting me to leave him.

I have not spoken to the male teacher from Belfast school, since the worlds last year. He never spoke to about it to me, which I thought was quite cowardly and sneaky, especially since he would've probably been more my teacher than the female one, but I will let this go, as maybe he felt awkward about the whole situation. I didn’t involve the female teachers sister as she mainly would've taught the younger pupils.

I have since taken all the blog posts down, sent apologies to all members involved.

I sent the following email to CLRG earlier this year:

          All members of An Coimisiún who have received this email, A Chara,

I would like to inform everyone that I have removed all my blog posts which are directly about Irish Dancing and my situation.

I have apologized to most members involved.

I have even suggested to Belfast school that I could help promote their feis through the publication I write for - which is a cultural magazine that has 50,000 readers.

I am still at times upset and angry about the whole situation however as I was raised as an Irish Catholic I have always been taught to forgive others so I have forgiven and apologized.

I have had sixteen weeks of counselling to deal with this traumatic experience and now am feeling better.

I want to put put this all in the past, be able to find a new teacher and do my final year of competition without any problems.

Hopefully everyone will be able to forgive me as I have forgiven them and there will be no problems in the future.

Le dea-ghuí

And received a very warm response from the head of the Ethics Committee

Hello again Adam,
I have to commend you for the steps you have taken as you journey to a  full personal recovery.
I know that you have had many challenges in your life and therefore, you have had numerous obstacles to overcome.
I wish you luck in your search for a dance teacher in order to continue you career in Irish Dancing.
Thank you for including me in this mailing.
Head of Ethics Committee

I am now trying to find a new teacher in order to do a final year of competition before retiring and studying for my TCRG. I felt that teachers may be hesitant to take me in if they thought there was still bad blood between me and other parties involved. I can say that it’s water under the bridge in my eyes. I try not to even think about it now, as when I was it was making me very angry and depressed.

The reason for writing this blog post, is to show on my behalf that I understood that writing about things publicly was not the right method for dealing with what is going on and as you can see with evidence I have apologized to all the people involved.  

If anyone is interested I did write an article about Feis and Festival Irish dancing for the publication I write for and am also the Sales manager.
It is available online here:


  1. Well done man for apologizing and putting it behind you, I hope you have a great last year of dancing!!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck Adam

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