Sunday, 3 January 2016

My New Year's Resolution: To Be Less Nice!

My New Year's Resolution: To Be Less Nice!

Being nice to people, I am done with it, it get’s you  absolutely nowhere! I have always been considerate, courteous and a polite young man. I was punctilious to everything taught to me by parents, teachers in school and to morality itself. If I was ever mean, self-centered or bad-tempered, swore or told a white lie  I would later have crippling anxiety and guilt over what I had done wrong, and have to apologize to everyone involved.  Not anymore! Fuck that!

2015 has taught me it is time I start thinking more about myself, stand up for myself and feel less guilty about it. Because you know what happens when you are nice to everyone - no one respects you! As a teenager I let everyone come to my house for parties, and yet I hardly ever got an invitation back! Out my siblings I was the most obedient to my parents, yet somehow I managed to get shouted at and scolded the most! I was always very loyal to my Irish dancing teachers, always practicing, helping the teachers in class, helping choreograph steps, defending festival against feis critics and vice versa, yet look at the situation I managed to get myself in!

My life has been a constant series of events in which I end up being persecuted as a result of none other than people being manipulative psychopaths. I would be told I was too drunk at a party, when it was my sister who punched me! I would be told off for making someone cry one night even though they and their friends had been antagonizing me constantly for the entire fortnight! I am always blamed for there being dirty dishes because obviously it is just me who eats in our house! I would end up in trouble for changing my steps, when my steps where my own choreography anyway and the teacher had trusted me prior to this!

I can hardly go through a day without receiving a gargantuan amount of criticism, be it from the way I walk to a more recent one - that I am reading too much (the one prior to this was that I was going to the gym too much!).  The other day I thought I would like to watch something on television in the front room (they light the fire in there so it is warmer, I normally don’t bother and watch TV in the backroom - because I know my family will automatically not want to watch what I want to!), it resulted in my mum, big sister and friend criticizing me for two hours and I ended up missing the program I wanted to watch! I haven’t bothered since, I am happy in the backroom where nobody can disturb me.

So I have began to think maybe if I wasn’t just so polite, considerate and nice people would start having more respect and be less critical of me!

An old Irish dancing teacher of mine use to say; “Nice boys, don’t win the competition!” and similarly an uncle of mine says “It’s always the nice guys that will get it!” and both are right! It’s not just the competition the nice boy won’t win, it’s life! And that nice boy will get it from everyone. I was that nice boy and as a result everything went belly-up and I ended up wanting to kill myself. So what my new year's resolution? To be less nice.

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