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Shh! We have a Plan | Review

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Shh! We have a Plan | Review
Cahoots NI  | The Lyric Theatre, 14 October ’15
The play follows three men on their quest to catch a beautiful bird they spotted on a large tree, using a variety of methods to catch it. The trio withdraw a number of instruments from what seems to be a bottomless anorak, which amused the children in the audience greatly. From what started up as a simple quest to catch the bird, becomes an obsession. As an adult, I thought the play had a complexity to it, that required thought, consideration and imagination; however, I found myself enchanted for the 40 minutes in an Alice in Wonderland-like world. The performance was almost hypnotic with the contrasting use of lighting, the dark blue set and the fluorescent birds.
The costuming and stage were minimalist and the play contained no speech; I didn’t realise this beforehand, though I should’ve taken a hint from the title “Shh!”. Like the book, the play is intended for children, and this is probably the reason why the absence of dialogue or verbal narration works. I had forgotten how many young children’s television programmes that have little or no speech, for example “Bill and Ben: The Flowerpot Men.” I found this very peculiar as an adult as I normally enjoy articulation and dialogue; children are more visual and can be easily entertained without language. This is why Shh! is successful as a production.
Both children and adult audience members were laughing throughout and obviously found it thoroughly entertaining. From an adult’s point of view, I don’t think it will be everyone’s “cup of tea”.  For a young audience,  this story, comprised of magic, music and puppetry is a mesmerising theatre experience.
Adam Henry Magee

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