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My Review of Satisfy - Boombox Belfast freshest Saturday Night!

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Satisfy Launch Party – Boombox  | Review
Satisfy is Belfast’s freshest Saturday night on the LGBT scene and it launched on the 26 September with a bang, hosted by two of Belfast’s drag queens Sassie Longshaft and Electra La C*nt. The club was packed and the bar was filled from as soon as I entered at around 11pm. DJ C-Boy kept the music pumping with house music that made it impossible for me to stop dancing the entire night! They had a special guest host Austin Armacost who is famous from being on the reality series the A-List, Celebrity Big Brother and being Marc Jacobs ex who did a meet and greet and partied all night long with the club goers.
According to hostess Electra on Satisfy: “It’s happening every single Saturday, it’s a revamp of the  Saturdays in Boombox, we wanted to give a bigger fresher feel to what we do on a Saturday night. We are always trying to change things and keep it fresh.” Boombox is certainly very fresh for Belfast, it provides a cool, trendy alternative to union street and Kremlin, it reminds me of the types of clubs that are present in Vauxhall, London.
For those who have never been to Boombox before – Boombox opened up last May and is upstairs from the Maverick Bar.  When you arrive upstairs the bar is in front of you and to your left are small tables. Around the corner from that is the dance floor with a stage (which I definitely did not get up and dance on). The VIP area is raised opposite the dance floor. On the other side of the bar is a seating area with three booths with egg chairs. The smoking area is behind the VIP area, which is small but the club is also. It the decor is dark with funky patterned wallpaper.
The drinks were cheap considering they had drinks promotions (which are rare for a Saturday night) – rum and redbull tropical and Kopparberg strawberry and Lime were both £2.50. The rest of the drinks were standard Belfast bar prices.
My main and only critique would be that the bar get’s too busy after about 12.30pm. I found it almost impossible to get a drink at one point! Saying that, I am not the most patient person in the world when it comes to waiting to get a drink (or anything else really), so this would of seemed more distressing to me than normal.
I do have another critique but, it is more of a suggestion; to open the upstairs and downstairs into one. The main criticism I heard from club-goers of Boombox is that in comparison to its main rival “The Kremlin” it is small and can feel a bit cramped, if they opened the bar and club into one on a Saturday night I think this would solve the problem as well as solving the bar problem. They could also have two different styles of music going which could attract more customers.
Overall Boombox does a brilliant job of what it is, a small gay club which provides a fresh alternative to its cheesier rival. I certainly had a ball on Saturday and Satisfy left me pretty satisfied.
Adam Henry Magee

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