Monday, 12 October 2015

Glamour Modelling and Pornography: A Respectable Career Choice?

Glamour Modelling and Pornography: A Respectable Career Choice?

We saw this year's Celebrity Big Brother come to an end last month. Within the usual contestant line up of models, reality TV show contestants and flop stars was one of the most controversial contestants yet to appear on the show. Big Brother, for the first time, had a porn star as a contestant - not any porn star but arguably the most famous porn star in the world, Jenna Jameson.

Jameson, “The Queen of Porn”, started working in the adult film industry in 1993 and is now worth a whopping $30 million (£19.5)! This is the result of not only being the highest paid porn actress in the world but also being a successful businesswoman and author. This strike a chord with last year’s Celebrity Big Brother winner, Katie Price, who is worth an estimated £45 million, was originally a glamour model but now is more of a reality TV star, author and businesswoman.

It now begs the question - after reading about the pair’s fame and financial success, would you encourage or even allow your daughter or son to enter the worlds of glamour modelling or pornography? I have wondered for some time why it is so frowned upon. After all - practically everyone watches pornography, or at least the majority of us do. Is it not contradictory to partake in the viewing of pornography but frown upon the actors and actresses in the industry?

One of the main reasons I believe a lot of people would aspire to be a porn star is because they would be scared their parents would “disown them.” Why should you disown your child for taking part in an adult film? I don’t see what is morally wrong with performing sexual acts and having them videoed. After all, you are making a lot of people happy.  

What sort of career would a parent now be proud of? “My son’s going to Oxford to study law, hoping to become a barrister.” One could imagine a proud upper-middle class mum telling her acquaintances about her offspring whilst shopping at Waitrose. Why would you be proud of your child becoming a barrister? Barristers often defend people they know are guilty or try to prosecute someone they may well know is innocent. They could literally be allowing someone get away with murder.

"My son studied at London school of Economics and now is working as an accountant at London." Great, he can count and is probably also excellent at helping businesses with tax avoidance and politicians with expense claims.

“My son works in business and owns a successful chain of bars.” Why would you be proud of your child for being a businessman? Are you happy that he is probably very good at ripping people off? Why would you be happy if your child owned a chain of bars? Do you think it is good to encourage alcohol consumption when we are aware of how addictive alcohol is and how it can ruin people's lives?

Why is it then that these career paths are respected but glamour modelling and pornography aren’t? The answer is not because they consider sex or nudity to be unethical or that watching pornography is addictive but because of “education snobbery.” People perceive glamour models and porn stars as being stupid or uneducated while, on the other hand, one usually needs to have A-levels and a degree to become a lawyer, an accountant or be a businessperson.

Education snobbery is unethical and contributes to society's current woes. Tony Blair idiotically aimed for 50% of the population going to university which is why the conservatives had to increase university fees.  Parents often cannot accept that their child isn’t academic and push their unfortunate child down the education route which is futile and detrimental to both to the child's mental health and to society. In the “old days”, if you weren't the “sharpest tool in the shed”, no hoo-ha was made as children and their parents were able to accept that school was not for them and perhaps practical work suited them better and they may end up financially better off anyway - certainly looking at both sides of my family, my aunt ended up making the most money, having left school before even completing her GCSEs.

Not everyone is designed to be a doctor or a lawyer; some of us are designed to be joiners, hairdressers and, yes, glamour models or porn stars. Being "good with your hands" should not be something to be frowned upon. Non-academic does not equate stupidity. Katie Price and Jenna Jameson are two of the most successful women in the world and thus they should be worthy of respect.

Adam Henry Magee


  1. Very good points, I guess everyone has an opinion but at the end of it all everyone leads their lives differently and has different views. I personally have the opinion of 'each to their own' it's not something I would personally do but not everyone would like to be a photographer either.At the end of the day people jus have to do what makes them happy or what they wana do, you only have one life! And not all of its about money and fame.

  2. Your writing style is horrible, you make a lot of assumptions that you don't back up - lets get some research to back them up? The points you raise are unorthodox and empty - "what's wrong with being a porn star? Barristers sometimes defend guilty people and accountants help with tax avoidance." I'm not seeing the link?

    Education snobbery is unethical? Hardly. It's a bit shitty, but unethical?

    And dragging the Tories tuition fees into it? What? Jesus Christ.

    I think stigma about sex work, porn stars and glamour models is more about social norms and societal standards.

    But fair play for putting your opinion out there, even if it is uninformed and in my opinion, ridiculous.


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