Monday, 28 September 2015

If Lord Ashcroft published “Call me Dave” as a diatribe to try and ruin David Cameron's career, then he has not succeeded.

If Lord Ashcroft published “Call me Dave” as a diatribe to try and ruin David Cameron's career, then he has not succeeded.

Why are the public so shocked when a politician has a “scandal” in their personal life? Politicians are elected to represent the citizens and I can guarantee that none of us are perfect - everyone has skeletons in their closet.

Bill Clinton was almost impeached for having an affair when it is estimated the amount of married men who have extramarital affairs is between 25% and 75%, and I would guess at the higher end of the spectrum. I personally think 95% of men would have an affair if they think they could get away with it and to think otherwise is naive. A politician is still a human being and we have to expect them to make mistakes and sometimes do bad things also.

Recently “Piggate” hit the headlines as details of David Cameron's personal life have been released through a biography written by one of his rivals. It has been suggested that the prime minister has smoked marijuana, been at a party where cocaine was present and during a drunken initiation ceremony did something inappropriate with a dead pig's head.

I saw on Facebook a petition to make the prime minister stand down as prime minister as a result which was no surprise shared by “lefties”.  I found this very ironic because I can see from their Facebook that they also like to “party” and probably have done some silly things in their lives. I do not see how putting your sexual organs on a dead pig's head is immoral or unethical? The pig was dead! It was a prank done at university. I don’t see people having respect for pigs when they eat a bacon buddy.

Hearing about it has made me laugh and make me like the prime minister more - he appears to be human and thus representing the people of the UK more. Young people complain about being alienated by politicians and when something that is revealed about them being fun and mischievous they are then criticized - they cannot win!

In regards to drug taking, I would far rather a politician be open and honest about their social lives than try to cover it up. David Cameron has always responded when asked about drugs that “he had a typical university life.” This is far better than for example the Iris Robinson scandal who appeared to have a pristine Christian image and famously stated that homosexuality was an abomination and then was revealed to be having an affair with a teenage boy (this is what happens when you allow women to watch “Desperate Housewives”.)!

He has never admitted to taking cocaine, but if he is going to be at party it is more than likely someone is going to be taking cocaine and it wouldn’t surprise me if he occasionally took part.  Cocaine the drug associated with wealth and glamour has almost become normalized among the middle class and I don’t personally see how if a politician occasionally having a line would have much of an affect on them being a parent or carrying out their job?

Would I rather have a fake politician represent me who pretends to be masonic then get’s caught having affairs with teenage boys, or have an honest, authentic politician who admits to doing silly things? I know which I would prefer. This is why I am trusting of our prime minister, he seems human ' he had a normal university life, he forgot about his child once when enjoying himself at a pub, he has a social life - he seems authentic. “Call me Dave” will not see David Cameron impeached,  in fact I believe his popularity will grow because it shows he is a human being just like the rest of us, the people who he is elected to represent.

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