Thursday, 9 July 2015

Current Problems in my Life

Current Problems in my Life

My life has become a gargantuan mess! Along with my several peccadillo's I have also some serious issues facing me. I have no job, no money, no Irish dancing teacher and not many friends. Ironically just over one month ago I wrote on my blog about some great things that have happened to me, however since then I managed to not pass my probation period and be asked to leave my Irish dancing school (despite having not uttered a bad word about the school). Instead of mopping around, I need to deal with the problem in hand, but how? Let's start off by listing all the problems currently perusing me!

  1. No Job - I managed to get fired from my employer for being late 3 times, the third time by one minute. Which I thought was absurd and I militantly protested but got no where. I am constantly searching the internet for employment however have not been successful yet. I did have an interview for a bank and was not successful but received good feed back and have kept my details on reserve. 
  2. No Money - I spent all my savings at university and on Irish dancing and am currently in a program to pay back my Santander overdraft: £160 a month which I do not have! I used any pay left over from my past job to pay last months. At present  I am lucky enough that to live with my mum and do not have to pay any rent and my dad gives my mum some money to help pay for my food, my mum also allows me to drink some of her wine so as result I am not going to starve nor go insane. However have you ever met me before? I was clearly not meant to live as a proletarian, I am about as princely as you can get, if I'm  unable to go to fancy clubs in fancy clothes I will probably die. My dad use to nick name me "Little Lord Fauntleroy" and I was told by an oracle that in a past life I was Egyptian royalty, when I reveal this to people they often find that it explains a great deal. I had been going through a strange slight hippie phase during my university years thinking to myself I don't need that much money to live off or be happy, nope I like Dolce and Gabana. 
  3. No Irish Dancing Teacher - as a result of being asked to leave an Irish dancing school for ambiguous reasons - I am now in Irish dancing "limbo". If you move schools regardless if it was your choice or not you have to sit a sixth month ban, which will coincidentally put me out for the Ulsters, All Ireland's and Worlds, which the thought of is making me very angry and depressed! Regardless of the situation I need to find a new teacher, but what if I can't find one? What happens if all schools are hesitant to allow me to join them due to the complications of my past which has given me a "bad reputation" one which the unfairness causes me to have suicidal thoughts. 
  4. "Bad Reputation" - how shall I conciliate this reputation? Will have blogging about what has happened from my eyes helped anything or made things worse? I have no doubt that my last school will now be callously demising me personally and my dancing and I have no control over this. This is very upsetting for me as I have said nothing bad about them personally or their teaching methods.  
  5. Not many friends - This has always been a problem of mine, I am a person who is known by a lot of people, but I don't actually have many friends. I have always been a bit of a misfit. I had a good few friends when I was at university however I am in Belfast, and they have all graduated and we are all skint. I have only managed to see one of them in the past year. My main friend from home isn't home at present, and has been at university since the new year. Don't get me wrong I do have good friends in Belfast but our interests are different. I need to find more people who have similar interests to me and due to my eclectic nature that is quite difficult. 
  6. What shall I do career wise in the long run - I think I want to be freelance journalist, but I have absolutely no idea how to become one - do I need to do a masters or another course? That would cost more money. 
  7. Acne Scarring - I have acne scarring from having hideous acne omnipresent as a teenager. Top modeling agencies in both London and Dublin have said they were interested in signing me if I got my skin sorted out.
  8. Injuries - I have had about every injuries in the book the past few years. I believe that they have been brought on through the psychological stress I was under. I have no danced since April as I was told to take 3-6 months off, It has now been 3 months and my knees do feel better but still hurt at times. Due to the NHS being ever more of a gargantuan mess than my life I only had my MRI scan last Friday and will be picking up my insoles tomorrow. 
  9. Psychological/Mental Health Problems - a couple of weeks ago I had a 2 hour assessment by a psychiatric nurse. He ruled that I had very low self-esteem which resulted in me having mood swings with anxiety and depression. Thank-God I am not histrionic as argued by anonymous posts on Irish dancing boards. 

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