Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Some Great News!

Some Great News!

If you recall my previous posts, you can see that I am very interested in politics (read about my views here:  http://adamhenry16.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/my-political-and-religions-views.html ) and have expressed interest in working in the Corrymeela communtity http://www.corrymeela.org/ (article I expressed interest:  http://adamhenry16.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/ginger-spice-real-reason-why-i-am.html  ). Recently I applied to a program ran by the community called "Moving Lives"which is about migration (a topic that is of great interest of me due to there being migration in my own family and emigration being such a "hot topic" in the U.K at present) and after applying and being interviewed I have been selected as one of 5 representatives of Northern Ireland to go to the program in Germany. I can't wait as I have never been to Germany before, I am going for a week including 3 days in Berlin and a day in Hamburg! 

A couple of other good things have happened also. On the saturday night just gone I was doing a promotional modeling job for WKD though my modeling agency (ACA models- Alison Campbell-Clarke models). I got to dress up as Elvis and be assisted by two beautiful girls and get paid! I was working in "Sallys" a club in Omagh, and the music was great but I can say the girls in Omagh are "crazy chicks", they kept on jumping on me and stole my wig and pretend microphone (I was a little bit scared actually!). I had a fantastic time and was asked to work again this weekend, but due to other commitments I couldn't. 

Otherwise, I needed to get a permanent part-time job (Due to wanting to spend another year focusing on my dancing, I do not wish to take on anything too serious career wise) and I am now employed as a Barista/Waiter in a cafe no more than a 10 minute walk from my house. This is perfect for me. I have been wanting to clear my overdraft with Santander, I had whilst being a student for a long time and now I am able to set up a payment plan to do so.

In regards to dancing: as far as I am aware there is an investigation going on by CLRG.  I intend to continue dancing after I return from injury and want this stress sorted before I return. Due to the amount of unfair events that have happened to me in my dance career I would be absolutely devastated if I was unable to dance another year. 

Also I have the feeling there are some unfair rumor's circulating about me and my private life and this is what I shall say about them:
  1. I am a "party animal": I very much enjoy parties and nightclubs. I do not drink everyday, I go out and "party" once a week probably, and I do binge drink then. 
  2. Sexual promiscuity - my sex life is private. I am not a virgin however I am not a saint either; I can say I have not had intercourse with everyone who I have kissed.  A snog doesn't really mean much to me, in fact a few times in the past I will snog someone not because I fancy them but because I was drunk and found it funny. 
I really hope the dance situation blows over and there is not too much hardship on the teacher and his male assistant, despite how unethical they were to me, I am very forgiving and would just want fairness and justice for me as a result. 

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