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Hate the Conservatives due to their "History"? Perhaps you are "Politically Mentally Ill"?

Hate the Conservatives due to their "History"? Perhaps you are "Politically Mentally Ill"?

N.B This post is quite conceptually challenging. It is also quite controversial. I have realized since revisiting it that it was wrote in a quite patronizing tone, something which I am trying to work on. 

The Queen's speech occurred this morning which marked the inauguration of the new Conservative government. It is the first time there has been a conservative majority government in almost two decades. During dinner last night I was in discussion as to why people don't like the conservative government? My mum's boyfriend (who is from Dungiven, a nationalist/republic town just outside of Derry/Londonderry) and like majority of other Irish Catholics is a nationalist and hates the conservatives) smugly replied "ooo history". My mum had to calm me down before I went ballistic.

A lot of the reason  for the  hate towards the conservatives by the Irish Nationalists stems from the history of past conservative governments. During "The Troubles" nationalists argue that the conservative government did not treat the Irish people fairly. One incident in particular that stands out is the "Hunger Strike". Briefly, the hunger strikers were republican prisoners, however they believed they should be given special rights in regards to being prisoners such as not wearing a prisoners uniform. This was because they many others argue that they were not the same as ordinary criminals as they were "political prisoners" (This is a very "hot topic" with the new Conservative government wanting to abolish the Human Rights Act, read my article on this here: ). On the other hand, Margret Thatcher very famously held that "Crime is crime is crime, there is no such thing as political crime". In essence Thatcher and her government did not believe that the prisoners deserved special rights due to their circumstances.

What some people seem to be ignorant of or forget with their selective biased recall of history, is that it was actually James Callaghan  and his Labour government who withdrew "Special Category Status" for convicted paramilitary prisoners, in 1976 before Marget Thatcher and the conservatives came to power in 1979. Thus, it is completely unfair to just blame Thatcher and her conservative government for the death of the hunger strikers: it was Labour who took away political prisoners rights in the first place!!!!!  Regardless on who you point the finger at Margret Thatcher is now dead! So is the majority of her cabinet! Nevertheless, in case you have not noticed, The new Conservative Government are not the same as the conservative government of the 1980s.  David Cameron and Boris Johnston were at school and university during Thatchers reign. David Cameron is not a woman and does not were a skirt of a hat, he is not Margaret Thatchers. The reason why they choose to become Conservative is not because they 100% agree with what the party has done in the past, but because they are the party who represent the fiscally conservative, and thus is why I support them. 

One should not use the history of past conservative governments and use that as an excuse to not like them. Surely that would mean that all black people should still hate white people as we kidnapped them and then used them as slaves in the past. I'm sure Barack Obama would never have been elected if he had held that view. This can be equated with someone who is mentally ill. If unfair events happened in a persons history and they are unable to get over this, then they have a mental illness: they have depression. They will struggle to progress with their life if they are stuck trying to get over things in the past. Can you see how that is illogical? Similarly people with their political views, who use history as an excuse not to like or trust a group of people, cannot progress. We cannot progress as a society unless we are futurists. We have to look at what is happening now, and what we can work with so that it is beneficial in the future. If you cannot do this and are "stuck in the past" then similarly as the person with depression, you are also mentally ill; you are "Politically Mentally Ill": you are not considering political matters rationally.  Judging whether you like or dislike the conservatives due to their history is illogical.

 When someone is suffering from a mental illness for example depression or  substance abuse,  in order for them to progress and recover, they need to acknowledge it first. Look at what happens when they don't acknowledge they have a problem: hey don't go to rehab, say No, No, No and die! And that is what will happen if people don't admit that not liking the new Conservative government due it's "history" is irrational. Most people want Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom to progress and flourish as a society and to do that people with opposing histories and views need to be able to synergise; we don't have to "sing from the same hymn sheet" but we do have to harmonize. In order to do this I believe one needs to admit this problem, and then go to political rehab: study or re-study the history whilst considering other perspectives apart from that of an Irish Nationalist, try and be nonpartisan. And then hopefully then realize that David Cameron and his cabinet are not identical to Margret Thatcher and hers. They are going to be here for a while, you might as well try and "get along with them".

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