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The Gay Cake Debate!: Part One: All about that Cake! Part Two: The Gay/Equal Marriage Debate

The Gay Cake Debate! 

Part One: All about that Cake! 

Just like the very emotional woman from mean girls who "doesn't even go here", I also want the people of Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and the rest of the world to get along and "be happy": Protestants and Catholics, Blacks and Whites, Men and Women, Gays and Christians, Mariah Carey and Slipknot fans. There is room for everyone in this world (even Kim Kardashian and Justin Beiber... unfortunately!). In Northern Ireland and many other countries, there is often conflict and debate over LGBT rights. I am pro LGBT rights and pro Gay-Marriage, however I do understand and acknowledge that there are people with different views and as in previous posts I have mentioned I do respect democracy. 

This conflict all came to a heads up recently when a Christian Bakery decided to reject a request for a cake with a pro Gay-marriage message on it. Again, like in previous posts I am beginning to sound like Alanis Morissette, because "isn't it Ironic, don't you think", that a CAKE has caused a row over LGBT rights. Cake is one of the most gayest things I can think of: gay means happy, in happy times you eat cake, homosexuals got the term "Gay" because they are stereotyped to be very happy people, who like cocktails, cock and cake. For those who don't know, it went to court and the Gays won against the Christians. It was ruled the bakery was discriminating and this was against equality.  

My initial perception of this is that it was blown way out of proportion. I mean, really? Did the Gay man really have to be such a primadonna? I am not surprised from experience, I have learned that some gay men can be the most stubborn creatures in the world and could make a song and dance so dramatic that it could put this woman, the "Queen of the Night" herself to shame.

(Please do watch the video, to remember how f*****g amazing she was! Beyonce ain't have s**t on her! *clicks fingers and shakes head*) 

However, after further evaluation, I have realized that it was not just wrong that the Christian bakers denied to make the cake(because it was discrimination and against equality), but it was actually against their religion itself; they have misunderstood scripture! The new testament (which is meant to be the most important part for Christians),  clearly teaches not to judge others (read further in my initial post: ). It was not the bakers place according to the Bible to judge whether gay marriage is right or wrong: only God can judge! So... if they had not misinterpreted the new testament in the first place, there would not of been a "Gay Cake Debate" and it would of saved them a hell of a lot of hassle. Just like Gay men, I have also found that religious people can be just as stupidly stubborn and this clearly is an excellent example of! To conclude, Christians please re-read your bible before you give another excuse for a queen to make another song and dance and leave the judging up to God! 

Part Two: The Gay/Equal Marriage Debate

Let's get one thing straight: I am not actually pro-marriage, in any sense. As far as I am concerned, all that marriage guarantees you is: a hell of a lot of debt, you will gain weight and an argument every evening. But, maybe I am a bit cynical since my parents are separated and on my dad's side of the family, out of his siblings only 4/8 got married and out of them only 1/4 did not end up in separation or divorce. But whatever, I am all for equality, LGBT rights and hate any type of discrimination and as a result of this I believe that Gay people should have the right to marry if that is what they want. 

However, I do understand  a lot of people in this country due to their religion are opposed to gay marriage. The DUP for example see marriage as strictly religious, and believe that a civil-partnership is good enough for equality. Furthermore, let's not just point the finger at Protestants, Unionists and Conservatives; the Gay Marriage Vote revealed divisions among the SDLP as well. Adding to this, it is still very much seen as a controversial issue in the Republic as many Catholics are opposed also,  and is thus why a referendum is occurring there. Aside from Christians,although they may be a minority in Northern Ireland, there are other people from other religious practices who are also opposed to it. 

Last night I posed this question to my Facebook friends, on twitter and on "I want a non-sectarian Northern Ireland" (which is a Facebook group I am a part of): "I am pro gay-marriage. But I understand that a lot of people are not. And I understand democracy and that the DUP is the largest party in the Assembly. If they changed the legal definition of a civil-partnership to equate the rights of marriage, would that not be a good compromise? Both the LGBT and Religious people happy?" I got various responses, and I understand the frustration of the LGBT community, I don't believe that it is morally right for homosexuals not being allowed to marry (and I don't believe Jesus would think so either!). 

However, would it not at least be a step in the right direction? We really need to think about how far the UK and Ireland have come in terms of LGBT rights: it was not so long ago that homosexuality was a criminal offence. The problem with "lefties" is that they can be as stubborn as the very socially conservative: If you don't suggest anything other than skipping through a field, naked, with a massive spliff singing "Kum Bi Yah"; they aren't happy either! Unfortunately I am not a wizard: I don't have a magic wand were I can't magically change the views of the socially conservative! Neither does anyone who has political power! One has to respect their opinions and one has to respect democracy. Thus considering both sides of the argument: I believe changing the legality of a civil-partnership to match that of a marriage, would be a good compromise. The Christians and other religious people could keep their religious definition of marriage and it would also be a step towards equality for the LGBT community. Then, I would bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat it and be happy! And then dance with somebody who loves you to something fabulously camp in the Kremlin! 

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