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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

It has recently been revealed that the new Conservative government plan on lifting the ban on fox hunting. My first thoughts on this is: "Dear God lifting the hunting ban is going to make the Tory party resemble even more like a group of posh boys". Personally, I am a bit of a "woose" when it comes to any sort of violence towards animals. For example, when my family and friends would occasionally go on fishing trips, I was completely traumatized at seeing the fish getting a hook in its mouth followed by suffocating. A further example is that when watching a movie, I get far more upset about seeing an animal die than seeing a human die. What makes fox hunting even worse for me is that my dog  looks like a big fat fox. However, before I start sounding like Liz Jones, and go on a big rant about animal rights, as most people know the reasons against fox hunting and hunting, let's look at the reasons for the ban being lifted.

Gypsy my Dog

  1. It's Traditional- Foxhunting has been around for centuries. As well as welcoming other communities cultures and traditions, people should respect British peoples cultures and traditions. It is a passion and past time of people in the countryside. On the other hand, however, one could point out that slavery was also a tradition, therefore it doesn't mean that it was ever moral or that we should re-legalize it. 
  2. Hunting Provides Jobs- Hunting was said to provide around 750 jobs. It is therefore providing employment and beneficial for the economy.
  3. Hunting is natural - it is part of the "circle of life"; foxes die anyway and besides that foxes are predators themselves and hunt other animals.
  4. If you are not a vegan, to oppose it would be hypocritical -  although the foxes are not killed for human consumption, their fur is often used for clothing such as scarfs. If you are anti-fur perhaps you should check where your clothes are being manufactured to see if it is being made by child slaves, which in my view is far less ethical than wearing fur. 
  5. They are a pest that need controlled- foxes are a nuisance to farmers, as they often prey on their livestock. Foxes use to be preyed on by larger animals such as wolves but they have become extinct, and now their population is out of control. Hunting is viewed as a way of managing their population. As well as this, the farmers or the government would have to spend money on pest control, whilst the fox-hunting would provide this for free. 
  6. Hunts are impossible to police- Police are not psychic and can not tell when a hunt is going to occur. Asides from this, should the tax-payers money not be used for better causes: should the police not be going after proper criminals, not people enjoying a traditional country sport.
  7. There is no evidence to suggest that fox hunting is less humane than other methods used to kill foxes - at the end of the hunt the animal either escapes or is killed and thus there is no wounding. This is comforting to me, I have heard the dogs "rip the fox to shreds". They must of been uninformed. Think about it again - they usually keep the animals course and use it as some sort of trophy, or use it for fur. This could not happen if it was "ripped to shreds by the dogs". 

 A Fox 

The thought of killing an animal really upsets me. I love animals, any form of cruelty towards them disturbs me. Nevertheless, after considering the reasons for fox-hunting I can understand why it would be perfectly rational to re-legalize it. It's economically beneficial to farmers, it provides jobs and saves the tax-payers money on pest-control and trying to police them.  Foxes are a pest, they cause economic devastation in the countryside and they need to be controlled. If they are going to be controlled anyway, and there is no other way of killing them which is more humane, why not let the country people do so whilst enjoying their tradition? Fantastic Mr Fox did kill the chickens after all: he was no angel. 

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  1. All the points you make for fox-hunting are ludicrous. Im sorry to have to do this to someone who sounds like they think they love animals but...

    Its traditional: So was not letting women vote, forced child labor and suppressing any nation that didn't want to be part of the empire. I assume by this logic you would be for bringing them back?

    It provides jobs: I cant tell if this is serious or not, but in no way does it justify the horrors of a fox-hunt. legalizing murder would create jobs, but that doesn't mean we should.

    Hunting is natural: Sure, in the animal kingdom predators hunt. some in packs, some alone. None however train smaller animals to first kill the young so they know what it smells like, then to chase, then to rip apart. all done whilst riding a lot of other larger animals as they are unable to hunt off their own back. its again, ludicrous.

    Vegan: I don't see how being a vegetarian and opposing blood sports is hypocritical. I agree that vegans hold the moral high-ground, but this isn't a race to the bottom.

    Pests need to be controlled: whilst I abhor the meat industry as a whole, I understand farmers need to protect their livelihoods and in so doing may need to defend against natural predators (taking advantage of wholly unnatural means I may add) but this is not farmers doing it. this is not foxes in the coop eating chickens. these are innocent animals, driven from their sets and often forced to run for hours. This is a sport. do not fool yourself into thinking this is needed. It is called a blood-sport for a reason.

    Impossible to police: So is enforcing any law imposed on masses but it doesn't stop us doing it. Also, if you look at any hunt organizers these a public bodies, who hold AGM's organize when the hunt's are going to be and who will be taking place. In fact most "hunts" are now very much policed as saboteurs are often arrested for doing so. there is a large police presence at most. So I'm afraid you are wrong.

    There is no evidence to show it is "less humane": OK, whoa there Tex, Are you being serious!? Like, for real real? the main cause of death to a fox being hunted on horseback was exhaustion, that's a kind way of saying its heart literally exploded under the pressure. then, torn to pieces is indeed what normally happens, try getting in the way of a baying pack of hounds starved for 24 - 48 hours who have found a dead fox (if the fox was lucky it passed out before being devoured) this is not some mistruth spread by left-wing luvvies, this is well documented. Ask a huntsman, they will happily tell you the dogs get their share.

    All in all a massively misleading entry. Fantastic Mr Fox is fictional, these foxes aren't. they are dying due to the ignorance you so clearly are demonstrating. I'm sorry to say it as you seem to think you do care and I want to believe you do but anyone who genuinely cares about animals would not justify cruel, barbaric practices designed for the sole purpose of sport, not control.

    Should you wish to learn more please visit the League against Cruel sports website they have a fantastic section on all of this and do some really good work counter-acting the BS you seem to have been fed. Alternatively Im happy to discuss and can be contacted via email


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