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Beyonce is right: Girls do rule the world! My lifelong battle against "Fat Bottomed Girls"!

Beyonce is right: Girls do rule the world!

My lifelong battle against "Fat Bottomed Girls"!

N.B. I have made fun of people who have bullied me in the past and present with "big bottoms", it is meant to be "light-hearted" and used for comic purposes. I have nothing against fat people personally. I have friends who are not in perfect shape and my granny certainly has a rather large bottom and I love her very much so!

Throughout every aspect of my life, I have been a victim of bullying. I was bullied in primary school: I guess being the star in the school play, having the best birthday parties, getting an A in your 11+ without a tutor, showing off your medals and cups, being able to say "my mum was Miss Northern Ireland and my dad is a doctor", "I live in the house of Harland and Wolf who built the Titanic, it has a tower!" and "I have an aux pair!" does not make you very many friends at this stage of your life; children are not usually shallow or superficial. I remember that me along with a friend of mine (who is now my cousins fiance), were basically banned from being in the school play because parents and their children did not like us very much! It wasn't our fault, we weren't nasty. I know I may sound a bit like Gretchen Wieners here, but we couldn't help it that we were smart and could sing! Yes precocious, but for Gods sake, we were children:we didn't understand!

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In secondary school, I was also bullied! By everyone: boys and girls. However, in my junior school class there were two particularly nasty girls who tried to make me and some of my friends life's hell! Two tall girls who towered down on us tiny junior school boys. They use to play all sorts of nasty tricks on us and call us all sorts of nasty names. One had a massive ass (or fat bottomed if you like.) and the other ginger (It's quite ironic now I look back, that they were the bullies!).

Something me and these two girls had in common was that we did Irish dancing. One girl was a festival dancer like myself except her teacher was in the FDTA. The other girl was a feis dancer, she was an comdhail (at the time I had no idea of the various feis organisations. My first Irish dancing teacher a very passionate festival extremist had painted a picture of a wig wearing, fake tanned,  space suit wearing dancer"with no interpretation or style!" Feis wear essentially the anti-Christ). The festival dancer in her numerous speeches use to brag about how she had "won the ulsters". I was very impressed by this, but my teacher would not let us enter the Ulsters because she thought at the time the FDTA was "feisly" influenced. I told this girl this and she had replied "that is because your school was not good enough to be part of the FDTA!" As I didn't have much knowledge of the feis world at this stage, I wasn't sure how the other girl had done, but I presumed by the way she acted and talked about her dancing and the amount of confidence she had, she must of been some sort of a champion.

When I was 14 I started on/off dating who I thought was the prettiest girl my age in festival Irish dancing, who I'm still good friends with.  I remember telling the festival girl in my class this, who was in her age group. "You are not going out with her!", the other girl would say something like "You do not have a girlfriend, that's impossible because you are GAY!" followed by sniggers. I found out that the two girls from festival were good friends with each other.  (check out me and my first girlfriend, and now good friend a few years later about 16 years old,dancing at a show in Spain!)


I found out from dating this girl that she had won the FDTA Ulsters 3 times, I knew already she had won it once. And when I told her that the girl in my class claimed she had won the ulsters, I found out this wasn't true. She had NEVER won the ulsters, the closest she had been was maybe third when she was quite a bit younger. I never told this girl I had found this out. Just knowing it was satisfying enough. Plus I found her kind of scary. Around this same time me and the ginger feis dancer had a huge argument in school. She had tried to steal my mobile phone and send messages off it, I snapped it back out of her hands and her friends accused me of being violent. She started calling me names and I said "well at least I didn't tell people that I was the best looking girl in my year!" It all blew off and in English class we were screaming across the room. Other times a part from this she made comments like "festival is a load of rubbish! She also made fun of my style of dancing whilst bragging to other members of the class about how great she was.

As the years went, when me and the festival girl in my class danced against each other, sometimes she would beat me, sometimes I would beat her. But a few years later in my festival dancing career, I won the European Championships. Which was the biggest title you could win at the time in festival. I beat the current ulster champion in my age group (she came second!). I also won senior championships in festival (either over 17 or over 19 depending on the festival). Both of these feats the girl in my class never achieved! This girl did mature as she got older (and her bottom became not just so large either) and we are now fine now. I wrote on my tumblr about the politics which started to happen to the school I was dancing with the at the time. This girl did laugh at one festival about how silly one judge had been when she had stated the reason she hadn't placed me first was because "your foot turned up during a front click" and in the step there was no front click (or actually any clicks in the step!)! The girl said after I did my set "I wish I could of done what you just did." (check out me winning the Europeans (it was all about the top 6 in festival, not the top 5 like feis)Funnily enough there were two judges in festival who consistently seemed to have some sort of vendetta against me, one had a rather large ass and the other ginger!

 I later moved over to CLRG (which is the feis style and is the largest Irish dancing organisation in the world). Where I have won the Ulsters, and placed top 5 in the British Nationals, top 10 in the All Ireland's, Great-Britan's and All-Scotland's. I have researched how the ginger feis girl did in An Comdhail, she never won or got close to winning anything! I don't think she even placed top 10 in the Ulsters or All Ireland's. Maybe in team dancing, but not in solos, which is not the same! I think she might of  placed top 5 in the an Comdhail Belfast championships, which in festival I had won five times! The first four times it was just the boys, but twice my raw marks were higher that the girls! And the fifth time I won the Senior championship in with the girls! I don't think I even have talked to this girl since we were in junior school.

I know both of these girls may well have matured and realized how nasty and silly they were being. But now in dancing I have achieved more than the pair combined. It's time for me to be a bit nasty and immature! So... to the two girls who bullied me in junior school and thought they were better dancers than me: F**K YOU!! And if there answer is"I became interested in other things" well you know what, I also got my A-Levels and my degree also AND I am sure I could party the pair under the table! I don't want a 9-5 job working in an office somewhere (it sounds like my idea of HELL!), now that I have my degree I am taking a couple of years to peruse other dreams of mine, and if they don't work out, at least I know I gave them my best shot!

It has only occurred to me in recent years that these girls along with other girls in my year who later on in my school life bullied me, were jealous and annoyed that I had never asked any of them out but instead "pulled" girls from other schools.  I'm tall dark and handsome, my skin might not of been brilliant back then, and I did some strange stuff with my hair and a few times went a bit mad on the fake tan and the sunbeds (before Geordie shore and TOWIE made it acceptable/cool (an example of me being a head of the times again!))but, I probably was still one of the best looking guys in our year. When I managed to bring probably the best looking girl in our school to our formal two years in a row, the guys and girls were pretty damn jealous (Check us out coming to my lower 6th formal. We don't look like a 16 and 17 year old, going to a school formal: we look like rock-stars/models about to hit up a Grammy after party bash!).  This is also mirrored on dance tours when instead of spending time with the Northern Irish girls, I'd go off and befriend the Eastern European girls and the Northern Irish girls would then bully me and hate those girls for it. It's ironic because the musician who all the Northern Irish girls fancied, turns out is now gay.

I am aware this post may seem very self-indulgent and egotistical. But the main reason why I am writing this particular piece, is to remind myself of how much of a fighter I am, and to encourage other people to fight bullies in their lives. Don't let bullies stop you from achieving your dreams! I have  not been myself for a while and had completely lost my self-confidence. At present I am dealing with a new pair of bullies who were part of my life for a couple of years. Like the pair of bullies before hand they have tried to bluff me and play on my naivety to make me scared. The past year I've been in shock over the treatment I received from them and didn't have a clue what to do about it. But now I am feeling ready to battle on. The pair may not be female biologically, but they essentially are "Queens". One is an old ageing, greedy, fat arsed Queen, and the other one throws "hissy fits", is spiteful of his past,is also greedy, and may not be the same shape as the other one now, but his arse is getting bigger by the second.  I'm not going to go in detail into what I think they have done, but it  has been revealed recently that something similar has happened and I have a strong feeling my conspiracy may be true. "Queen Bey" sings that "Girls Run the World", girls have tried to run my world in the past, this time I am not going to let two fat bottomed queens ruin mine!! 

To Be Continued... 


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  2. Please note, that I am aware there are probably plenty of grammatical mistakes in this one. I was working all day (in a boring office lol) and was tired. Lucky I can edit it and change them as I notice them.

  3. Really enjoyed this, you are a great story-teller, brought a tear to my eye. Please fix your grammar though!

  4. Someone seems smug

    1. This post is meant to be humorous.Lot's of people have told me in person they loved it. After years of bullying I gradually gained my confidence back. To recently have it tarnished again. Now i'm trying stand up for myself and rebuild my confidence again. It's meant to inspire people who have been bullied to show there is light at the end of the tunnel .


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